About Me

Hey everybody, my name is Hayden Shaw and I’m a Country/Bluegrass musician from the Westminster Md area. If you’re interested in booking me feel free to reach out to haydenshawmusic@gmail.com and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

Now here is some life story for you:

By day I’m a paid EMT/Firefighter for a local county as well as a volunteer firefighter in Carroll County MD. I enjoy filling my off days with as much music as I can, whether that’s going to local bluegrass jams, practicing with my bluegrass band Hot Pepper Jam, or just playing in my room. I started playing solo in 2021 after a friend of mine reached out to play a food truck event that his volunteer fire department was having. Having played a few shows with my band and growing up playing/singing at church and of course around the jam circle, I was no stranger to performing in front of people but solo? I threw some stuff together and made it happen. I was flying by the seat of my pants but loving every second of it. So I got some business cards printed and started advertising. Gigs started coming in slowly as the world started coming back together after 2 years of COVID. I continued my self titled “Food Truck Tour” as I kept playing for local fire departments with great success! I’ve played at Maryland Mallet and Brewery Fire to rave reviews.

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That's me! Playing at The Station Inn in Nashville at their Sunday night bluegrass jam.